The 6560 Rosebay Story

First, there was Lisa. She bought the home in 2006 to be close to family and work. But mostly she bought it because she likes nice homes and this on was the best available.

But there wasn’t just Lisa. There was also Lilly. Lilly also likes nice places.

But who should come along a couple of years later but Stella. This is the only home Stella has ever known, so she doesn’t really know nice places from dumps. But still–the home took wonderful care of Lisa, Lilly and Stella.

Until 2011. That’s when Phil came along. A year later, Lisa and Phil were married. Now the home sheltered four, along with all manner of kinds of friends who would come through. But with plans of adding other little Lisas or Phils or maybe both, they decided to sell and get a house with a yard. Stella and Lily seemed to concur that this would be a wise move.

So, Lisa called friend and Orenco Station neighbor Bill, who was also a Realtor, to do the deed. Unfortunately, this initiative collided with Bill’s plan to move to Denver, so Bill contacted Lisa and Bill’s other friend and Orenco Station neighbor, Carla. Carla, you see, had recently received her real estate broker’s license, so Bill talked her into handling the listing of Lisa and Phil’s home.

Now, I’m not quite sure where we’re going with this, except to say that in Orenco Station, we all really do get to be friends like this. In fact,  bunch of the neighbors just celebrated Carla’s birthday a few days ago, following a jaunt to Seattle with Carla and yet another set of neighbors. And, in fact, Lisa hauled a bunch of us to a Jack Johnson concert in The Gorge last summer because she drives this really huge SUV the whole neighborhood fits inside of.

And then there was the time that Lisa and Phil and Les (Lisa’s dad) and Bill and Phyllis (she’s Bill’s wife) all went to the Organic Brew Festival, and after that, to the giant microbrew thing on the waterfront, and then…

But wait. This is about a house. Please check it out.

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